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Cloud Software

Blue-Band Intelligent detection and analytic device suite has added a cloud based system that not only provides visualization of data but has created a modular software suite for your traffic and transportation efficiency and safety application deployments. We anticipated that may agencies in their mobility as a service and Smart City deployments will need one software suite that would collect, visualize, and report data intelligently by application deployment. Because


Blue-Band and BLUE-IoT systems are flexible we were able to add the ability to track assets, device health, and uptime. We didn’t stop there! Because the BLUE-IoT software sits on one of the most robust asset management software platform we are able to provide trouble tickets, financial, and warranty tracking, and so much more for maintaining and managing your Smart City endeavors.


BLUE IoT (integration of transportation) is the first of it's kind platform. It was developed to visualize data used to create efficient and safer roadways, while managing sensors and additional equipment as assets for a self-contained maintenance and traffic management software system. The application is a full open source integration and provides quick development of technologies and hardware.

The modular nature allows for cost effective deployment and consolidation of systems to create one cohesive system. A connected world needs connected intelligent transportation and BLUE-IoT connects all functions and utilizes machine learning for true intelligent traffic management.


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The most current release of the Blue-Band HUB (Gateway) comes with integrated Wi-fi to ensure even the “Home Run” connections are wireless straight out of the box adding mounting location flexibility to the HUB.

The HUB now can be used independently to manage Smart Parking reporting in real time to the parking facility owners and their customers the amount of available spaces in their parking facility. The added value of removing servers and  cloud connections is only possible through the Blue-Band intelligent suite of products.

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Cellular can now be added upon request for your IoT applications where there aren’t communications available providing a truly independent system that will give you live updates to the Blue-IoT platform for all applications. A perfect synergy of intelligent hardware and modular, flexible cloud software suite Blue-Band & BLUE-IoT.


Blue-Band has originally released the first 30 second replacement in and on pavement mounting system. This system has been improved in the newest version released adding a stainless steel overlapping design for additional safety, stronger reinforced locking system to reduce vibration of the detector mounted in the road plate, and welds around the locking tabs to ensure that the detectors could not be removed without the proprietary keys.

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Safety is Blue-Band’s priority so in the must current version the detectors have a friction course added to the top to increase the anti-skid properties of the sensor.

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